Mens five speed street bike

Mens five speed street bike

This might look like a fixie but it has five gears so that you can tackle the hills of Melbourne just a little easier.


Graphite and Turquoise


 This 5 x 1 street bike is available this week in store.



Blue five speed street bike


Only $699


Mixte five (5) speed street bike for Melbourne

Mixte five (5) speed street bike for Melbourne

At last a bike to replace the old Peugeot Mixte bike

Five speed is a bit easier to ride than a single speed.



There are still a few of the old 1980’s Mixte frames around but for some reason they fell out of favour for a few years. It is great to see them back on the floor because it makes for a great looking bike which is stiff and strong. Putting a five speed internal hub gear in the wheel will get you up all but the steepest of hills in Melbourne and provide for trouble free and economical riding for many years

We can fit racks, baskets and mudguards if you would like. If you prefer a few more gears take a look at the ladies Crossroads or the Jamis Coda Sport.

Only $649 Sold Out

If you have a little more to spend and you don’t mind a diamond frame then perhaps a Jamis Steel Reynolds 525 would be better. This is a very nice bike.