Mens five speed street bike

Mens five speed street bike

This might look like a fixie but it has five gears so that you can tackle the hills of Melbourne just a little easier.


Graphite and Turquoise


 This 5 x 1 street bike is available this week in store.



Blue five speed street bike


Only $699


Bianchi Pista the perfect chrome plated fixie | Special $1299.00

Bianchi Pista the perfect chrome plated fixie | Special $1299.00

The Bianchi Pista is a steel chrome plated frame classic with original Bianchi decals.

If you are looking for this classic bike we have one or two left in store.
































[schema type=”product” name=”Bianchi Pista” description=”Bianchi Pista” brand=”Bianchi” manfu=”Bianchi” model=”Pista” price=”$999.00″ condition=”New” ]

This Weeks bike store specials (1-8 November)

This Weeks bike store specials (1-8 November)



New Hipster bikes.

You might like the look of the single speed but a fixie or single speed bike can be quite hard work when you hit a hill.

Perhaps you need an internal gear 5 speed bike

Almost nobody will know.


Blue five speed street bike

Special introductory price.. Call


A cool Mixte frame.


Special introductory price… Call


High end Road bikes and equipment

Titanium KCNC 10 speed Shimano compatible cassette only $…

These are amazingly light weighing 127 grams for the 12-27 we have on special

12-27-titanium-cassette kcnc_10speedtitanium_shimano_cassettes_01

Rubino Pro tyres

A robust 150TPI nylon casing, technical tread pattern, long-life tread compound, and effective puncture protection make it the hard rider’s choice for endurance races.

Price: $60.00


Aerodynamic Racing Wheels

Amazing wheels at the price point. Online price is $699 in black but in Silver we can will clear at warehouse price

Available in Silver only.

Available in Silver only at this price

These extremely aerodynamic wheels have concealed spoke nipples are great even in crosswinds.

• 18 spoke front radial

• 20 crossed spoke rear which gives a good stable reliable wheel

• High quality Japanese sealed bearing hubs

• Swiss DT spokes with concealed nipples

• Rim height 30mm.

Weight per pair of wheel set is only 1530 grams

Warehouse cost to clear in silver $

You can buy this wheel with a black rim here for...



 Aluminium Race bike with carbon forks for well under $1000

The green meanie is back for another week. We took some new photos to wet your appetite.

Alloy carbon road bike

Where else can you buy a hydro-formed aluminium with carbon forks equipped with Tiagra for…




 See you in store.


Fixie bikes

Fixie bikes



A selection of fixie bikes from $299

We have a selection of off the shelf fixie bikes and sprockets and chain rings to fit them. Riding a fixie is a really good way to build fitness.

The fixed wheel bike is not new of course, in fact it is the oldest drive train which beginning with the large direst drive penny farthing bicycles.

fixie bike melbourne

It is called a fixed wheel because when the wheel goes around the pedals do too. This gives a very direct feel to bike and allows an enormous amount of control to the skilled rider. They do take some getting used to though and you have to pedal down hill which can be a strange feeling. Many fixie riders add a “flipflop” wheel with a larger freewheel on one side of the hub and the fixed cog on the other. This gives the option on the way home from a long ride to change down a gear and freewheel down hill.

After the invention of the free wheel the fixed wheel fell out of favour and with gears why would anyone want a fixed wheel!

Well, for a start they are very cheap to maintain since there are no gears to go wrong. They are light because there is not much of them and they go as fast as you can push them.

Since about the mid 1980’s city courier riders started using them to save money on their heavily used and abused work bikes while being able to use that fantastic frame they found at the flea market and their second pair of wheels.

tour of Britain

Peter had a bright Orange BSA Tour of Britain fixie

Commuters in Europe have always used them in Winter because there is nothing like salt on the roads to destroy your expensive road bike. The club bike was often a fixed wheel too because they build strength.

If you are considering a fixie don’t be tempted to use an upright track frame to build it. It will be uncomfortable to ride and difficult to manage since a track frame has very tight angles and is designed to only be used in a velodrome on smooth surfaces. On the road they can be awful to ride.

Many of the frames we see being used as fixie bikes were cheap steel bikes from the 70’s and 80’s. We used to call them “gas pipe frames” because that is what they were made of. If you do find a Reynolds 531 or Columbus tubing bike of that vintage we would love to see it. Come and grab some wheels and a nice set of cranks. Talk to us about the Q factor if you like.

If you don’t have a spare frame, wheels or hours and hours to build the perfect fixie come and see us.

We have your fixie ready to ride. It will be far better than most fixies on the road and with modern technology will provides a smooth ride at less cost than doing it yourself.

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