Bianchi Bikes

Bianchi Premium Dealer Melbourne

Bikes DeVer have one of the largest range of Bianchi bikes on display in Melbourne along with a large choice of Bianchi clothing and accessories.

We have long experience with the needs of road and track racing cyclists. In our workshop we service high end alloy and carbon road and track bikes.

Edoardo Bianchi, a 21-year-old medical instrument maker, started his bicycle-manufacturing business in a small shop at 7 Via Nirone, Milan in 1885 making it the worlds oldest bicycle manufacturing company.

All that experience and research over the years has led us to the amazing bikes we see now.

You really have to ride a Bianchi and feel the difference between these bikes and bikes from more mainstream manufactures. There is something a little special about them.

Live For The Ride

You can test a Bianchi in store take on of these legendary bikes away today!

Contact us to find out if we have your perfect bike in store.

If you are not addicted to Celeste then we have many other brands of bikes that may suit you. Take a look at the quite achiever DeVer DVR3