Used and second-hand bikes in Melbourne

Used and second-hand bikes in Melbourne

Buying a used or second-hand bike

There are thousands of bikes posted every day on Gumtree and eBay daily, there are some bargains out there… and an awful lot of worn out, damaged and broken bikes!

This is not a complete list but there are few obvious things to consider when looking at a used bike:

  • Is the frame cracked or bent;
  • Are the forks bent of steering tube cracked;
  • Are the wheels damaged or worn out?
  • Are the gear shifters old and sloppy?
  • When was the chain and cassette last replaced?
  • Damaged or old tyres and cables?

Be aware that some projects can cost you hundreds of dollars just in parts.

Then again some bikes are worth it…

All our second hand used bikes get a service

We not only make sure that the bike is safe but that it is serviceable and represents good value for the price and age of the bike.
For higher quality second-hand bikes his may include cassettes chains and even new wheels.

For a lower priced (cheap) bikes we service and replace any parts that significantly impact safety and some that will improve ride quality.

bicycle mechanic at work

Early morning in the workshop


We love old bikes and love to keep them on the road.

Nobody is more pleased than us when one of our customers walks in with an great deal they bought. We will work with you to build it back up to either original specifications or better (faster, stronger) than it was before.

This is your project and we are thrilled to be part of it

Mid 1980's graecross second hand bike

“Pheobe” Mid 1980’s Graecross bike

A workday bike gets an overhaul

A workday fixie bike gets an overhaul

Jack Taylor Tandem Melbourne Australia

Tandem project


 Is it worth buying a used bike?

It is worth remembering that the quality of entry level bikes has gone up in the last few years while the price has gone down.

We just got quiet a few 2015 Jamis bikes in store and they are $449 brand new!


Jamis Trail X


Jamis Helix Femme

Jamis Helix Femme


Whatever you decide to do; give us a call on 1300 245 373 to find out more

Mens five speed street bike

Mens five speed street bike

This might look like a fixie but it has five gears so that you can tackle the hills of Melbourne just a little easier.


Graphite and Turquoise


 This 5 x 1 street bike is available this week in store.



Blue five speed street bike


Only $699


Bikes DeVer bicycle & accessory gift vouchers

Bikes DeVer bicycle & accessory gift vouchers

Bikes DeVer have thousands of bicycle accessories in stock at our Melbourne shop.
If you are not sure what to get for the cyclist in your life then a gift voucher might be the perfect gift.

Infinito frame sets for your custom build

Infinito frame sets for your custom build

 Infinito available frame sizes and colours as of today. Please check with us to confirm that the frame set you want is still available.

If you are looking for a complete bike please call us as we have new stock arriving all the time.


Infinito in Black/Yellow:

Frame sets available: 53cm, 55cm, 57cm, 61cm

Infinito Black/Red



Frame sets available: 50cm, 55cm, 57cm, 59cm

Infinito Celeste:

bianchi-infinito-cv-celeste-2015-road-frameset Australia

Frame sets available: 50cm, 55cm, 59cm



Time to replace your Shimano cleats?

Time to replace your Shimano cleats?

How often do you need to replace your Shimano cleats

Cleat replacement depends on how often you ride and the conditions of the terrain. “Race mileage” riders may need to change their cleats as often as one or two times a year to keep the specifications.

A good rule of thumb is that cleats should be replaced when there is a change in the release/engagement effort. If the cleat begins to “float” more and releases at a greater angle, inspect the cleat for wear. Eventually, the vertical tab on the cleat that opens the retention mechanism becomes worn and greater effort will be required to disengage.

We are often asked which cleat is the best. It all comes down to your knee and riding style.

Generally we only recommend red “no float” cleats for track riders who need a firm and precise footing on the pedal. This is crucial under these extreme conditions but only after a proper bike fit.

No float clips can seriously damage your knees if your bike is incorrectly setup.

This video by Specialized Bicycles has a look at the mechanics of riding and a bit of anatomy.

Shimano cleat float angles

Shimano red cleats


Shimano red cleats

 Pivot Centre None
 Floating angle None
 Lateral float None

Shimano yellow cleats


Shimano yellow cleats

 Pivot Centre Centre of cleat
 Floating angle +/- 3 degrees
 Lateral float +/- 1.6mm

Shimano Blue cleats


Shimano blue cleats

 Pivot Centre Front of cleat
Floating angle +1 degree
Lateral float None

Bianchi Pista the perfect chrome plated fixie | Special $1299.00

Bianchi Pista the perfect chrome plated fixie | Special $1299.00

The Bianchi Pista is a steel chrome plated frame classic with original Bianchi decals.

If you are looking for this classic bike we have one or two left in store.
































[schema type=”product” name=”Bianchi Pista” description=”Bianchi Pista” brand=”Bianchi” manfu=”Bianchi” model=”Pista” price=”$999.00″ condition=”New” ]

Things to look for when buying a commuter bike

Things to look for when buying a commuter bike

There are some general areas to consider that have nothing to do with the look of your bike and everything to do with the ongoing cost of your daily riding or commuting bike.

In the lower end of the price range ($480 – $1500) you may not get all the features below. Concentrate on the wheels as they are an expensive item to later upgrade. Almost all production bikes come with tyres that are less than ideal for commuting. After the original tyres wear out replace with a better quality tyres.

Suitable bicycle wheels for day-to-day riding and bike commuting

Sealed bearing hubs and double wall aluminium rims are needed for the city. As pretty as a radial spoke wheel is, it simply is not strong enough for day-to-day work. Ask for a 32-36 hole crossed rear wheel which is much stronger and will last longer. In the middle of our price range the wheel will probably have stainless steel spokes which won’t corrode and are stronger than normal spokes.

Bicycle commuter Tyres

Unfortunately punctures are an inevitable part of cycling. Most bikes run light, narrow high pressure tyres with a lot of force on a small surface area. Many of us use our bikes to carry things to, and from, work and the shops. This adds more weight and wear to the rear tyre increasing the risk of puncture. You could just buy a cheap mountain bike and run enormous knobbly tyres but they are a bit hard work in our view.

There are another group of riders that spend a lot of time finding the most resilient and most reliable bike tyre.
Touring cyclists  ride long distances with heavy loads to often remote locations. Touring cyclists rely on their tyres and have long known that bullet proof reliability beats an extra one kilometer and hour or a few extra grams.

A mid-level touring tyre like the Panaracer Tourgaurd will resist an awful lot of abuse even if they do weigh 8oo grams each. The Maxxis Refuse is a little lighter at 310 grams and is the choice of many urban riders.

Bicycle disk brakes

The grit gets into your brake blocks and wears them out, but worse still it wears the wheel rim out. A wheel is an expensive replacement part which is why many bikes at the higher end of the price range we are looking at ($480 – $1500) are now coming with disk brakes. The disk pads are about twice the price of traditional brake blocks but that is still cheaper than replacing a wheel.

If you are looking at disk brakes then make sure the brakes are made by a well known brand such as Shimano. This will ensure that disk pads are available in the future.

Bicycle rim brakes

The brakes on bikes at this level will probably be quality linear V brakes or cantilevers. These brakes provide excellent stopping power and are simple to maintain. There is nothing wrong with rim braking as long as you replace the pads often and keep the blocks clean to remove the dirt which grinds away your rim.

Bike hubs and bottom brackets

A modern sealed bottom bracket is pretty standard on most bikes at this level. They are normally a traditional square taper bottom bracket which allows fast change out of economical chain sets when you wear them out. Bottom line is they are all pretty good and have zero maintenance.

Some bikes stick with traditional cup and cone hubs. These are good and can last longer than a sealed bearing as long as they are kept greased and are adjusted at service. Sealed bearing hubs are set and forget which further reduces maintenance of your bike to a minimum.

You may have noticed that we haven’t mentioned Shimano 105, Ultegra, SRAM or anything to do with gearing or group-sets

This is an article all on its own..

2014 model Bianchi Melbourne Clearance

2014 model Bianchi Melbourne Clearance


We still have some great deals on the Banchi Intenso. The 2014 bike of the year. This is an amazing bike that will not disappoint at any price.

Before you buy a bike in the $1000 – $1500 range take a look at the Bianchi Nirone.
The Nirone is a brilliant bike that rides, looks and feels like a much more expensive bike


Call Peter on 1300 245 373 to find out if we have your perfect bike.


Look out for our new range of bikes coming soon from another major European brand. 

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A rough guide to bike commuting in Melbourne

A rough guide to bike commuting in Melbourne

As a commuting cyclist or a person who rides their bike as transport your needs for a bike will be totally different to a race cyclist or occasional cyclist.
A sub $300 bike may be okay for a few short rides a year but not for a serious bike used for transport. If you go for a $200 bike you are going to be replacing it very quickly and it will cost you a fortune!

In this series of articles we will have a look at what makes a great commuting bike or a bike you are using for transport.

A rough guide to prices regardless of brand.

  • If you want a decent bike for weekend riding and some shopping consider $480 – $600
  • If you already own a specialist bike and you want a bike to commute to work on consider a $600 – $900 bike
  • If this will be your only bike used for commuting, transport and pleasure then go a little higher $700 – $1500

A great bike at a great price

We see many bikes in the workshop a that stand up to the day-to-day punishment of commuting and weekend trail riding. Your daily riding bike needs to strike a balance between first cost, ongoing maintenance costs and how the bike feels on the road.

A bike like this will cost anywhere between $480 and $1500 depending on your budget, and how much you ride. Spend as much as you can reasonably afford because at this level you really do get what you pay for and will notice the difference.

At the higher end your going to be getting a really good bike that will last you a long time and give you a lot of pleasure. Most bikes fall somewhere in the middle as manufacturers compete to offer the best value for the right price.

Our Melbourne environment is hard on bikes

melbourne-commuter-bike-sandMelbourne the gritty city (for bikes anyway)

Melbourne is a great place to ride a bike but it is a little gritty! Melbourne trams drop sand every time they brake, cars add a lovely mix of oil and road grit. Add some broken bottles and bits of steel and it is becomes pretty obvious why city bikes wear so fast.




A ride to Warburton

A ride to Warburton


Even when we are just having a Sunday ride on the bike paths they are gritty too.

In fact almost anywhere you ride your bike in Melbourne is going to subject your bike to harsh conditions which will wear out every part of your bike faster than you would like.




French Island: Going further a field will test any bike

If you are off to French Island be prepared for a bit of sand and some hard riding. Pack some industrial strength insect repellent and let your tyres down…



Things to look for when buying a commuter bike or a bike you are using for transport