Bicycle Repair Standard Service – $99

This bike service allows us to check some of the finer points of your bike. It starts with the 12 point safety check service but goes beyond.
The ideal service for your bike if you are a regular rider. If you get your bike in to us about every 3 months we will be able keep your bike in great condition.

Recommendations of wear and early detection of problems can save you a lot of money. Just a simple brake or gear adjustment may save you hundreds of dollars!



  1. Check Frame for damage, dents, cracks in carbon (visual)
  2. Examine forks for defects, damage from accidents and long standing faults
  3. Examine forks and check for straightness and integrity
  4. Examine brakes, brake fitting and brake mechanism
  5. Access rim and spoke condition
  6. Access tyre condition
  7. Check cassette condition
  8. Check chain condition and wear
  9. Check front hub for damage and wear
  10. Check rear hub for damage and wear
  11. Check bottom bracket adjustment and damage and wear
  12. Check chain-set and chain-ring condition


  1. Adjustment of brakes, brake shoes and/or inserts
  2. Drive train checked, cleaned and lubricated. (cassette, dérailleur, chain, chain rings)
  3. All cables lubricated
  4. Chain lubricated
  5. Hubs checked and adjusted
  6. Bottom bracket adjusted
  7. Minor wheel true
  8. Though clean of your bike
  9. Inspect and inflate tyres