Bike Repair Advanced Service – $129

If you use your bike as transport or you train hard on your road bike then this service will ensure that your bike is working at optimum level. 

We also recommend this for bikes running high end equipment as this takes longer to tune and prepare to the level you expect.


  1. Check Frame for damage, dents, cracks in carbon (visual)
  2. Examine forks for defects, damage from accidents and long standing faults
  3. Examine forks and check for straightness and integrity
  4. Examine brakes, brake fitting and brake mechanism
  5. Access rim and spoke condition
  6. Access tyre condition
  7. Check cassette condition
  8. Check chain condition and wear
  9. Check front hub for damage and wear
  10. Check rear hub for damage and wear
  11. Check bottom bracket adjustment and damage and wear
  12. Check chain-set and chain-ring condition


  1. Thorough clean of your bike including removal of brake residue on rims
  2. Complete removal and clean of the drive train
  3. Brake cables lubricated/replaced
  4. Clean and re-grease of gear cables
  5. Chain removed cleaned and oiled
  6. In bike wheel true.
  7. Reset bottom bracket bearings
  8. Resetting of headset bearings
  9. Resetting of hubs (sealed bearings checked for wear)