Professional In-House Bicycle Servicing!

Come on down to our bike repair shop

Many people find themselves asking the question of whether they should repair or replace their beloved bicycle.

It all comes down to one question– Do you love your bike?

Just because your favourite bike may have a punctured tire, rusty or damaged cables, or worn out gearing it doesn’t mean it’s well lived life is over.

At Bikes DeVer we offer same day servicing for bikes booked in advance, and being open 7 days a week we are able to help you out where other shops may not be able to.

Our team of dedicated professional bike mechanics are highly qualified and take pride and joy in knowing your bike is going to leave in better condition than when it entered our store. Store owner Peter Verley’s Donk, who has over 40 years of experience with all types of bikes, personally oversees the repair process so you can rest assured your bike is in capable hands!

“We are dedicated to making your bike not only safe but to ensure you have the best possible ride”

To arrange for a bike service or if you simply want a puncture repaired please call us on 1300 245 373

Special Repairs

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Complete Strip and Rebuild

Complete Strip & Rebuild

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Restoration Services

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