A rough guide to bike commuting in Melbourne

A rough guide to bike commuting in Melbourne

As a commuting cyclist or a person who rides their bike as transport your needs for a bike will be totally different to a race cyclist or occasional cyclist.
A sub $300 bike may be okay for a few short rides a year but not for a serious bike used for transport. If you go for a $200 bike you are going to be replacing it very quickly and it will cost you a fortune!

In this series of articles we will have a look at what makes a great commuting bike or a bike you are using for transport.

A rough guide to prices regardless of brand.

  • If you want a decent bike for weekend riding and some shopping consider $480 – $600
  • If you already own a specialist bike and you want a bike to commute to work on consider a $600 – $900 bike
  • If this will be your only bike used for commuting, transport and pleasure then go a little higher $700 – $1500

A great bike at a great price

We see many bikes in the workshop a that stand up to the day-to-day punishment of commuting and weekend trail riding. Your daily riding bike needs to strike a balance between first cost, ongoing maintenance costs and how the bike feels on the road.

A bike like this will cost anywhere between $480 and $1500 depending on your budget, and how much you ride. Spend as much as you can reasonably afford because at this level you really do get what you pay for and will notice the difference.

At the higher end your going to be getting a really good bike that will last you a long time and give you a lot of pleasure. Most bikes fall somewhere in the middle as manufacturers compete to offer the best value for the right price.

Our Melbourne environment is hard on bikes

melbourne-commuter-bike-sandMelbourne the gritty city (for bikes anyway)

Melbourne is a great place to ride a bike but it is a little gritty! Melbourne trams drop sand every time they brake, cars add a lovely mix of oil and road grit. Add some broken bottles and bits of steel and it is becomes pretty obvious why city bikes wear so fast.




A ride to Warburton

A ride to Warburton


Even when we are just having a Sunday ride on the bike paths they are gritty too.

In fact almost anywhere you ride your bike in Melbourne is going to subject your bike to harsh conditions which will wear out every part of your bike faster than you would like.




French Island: Going further a field will test any bike

If you are off to French Island be prepared for a bit of sand and some hard riding. Pack some industrial strength insect repellent and let your tyres down…



Things to look for when buying a commuter bike or a bike you are using for transport